Feel Good Shopping

April 26, 2012

By Katrice

This pair of TOMS {my first} is the only retail purchase I made while relaxing in San Diego earlier this week. I know it's hard to believe ... I could hardly believe it myself. But, I loved the burlap design  especially after I tried them on. They're so comfortable, I expect to live in them. I think next I'll get the black sequin women's classics.

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  1. I own several TOMS. They're perfect. I have the those with the stripes

  2. They are so comfy! I have them in gold glitter, but I've been wanting purple glitter lately.

  3. Ooh those are cute! I've been on the fence about TOMS for awhile...wasn't sure how I would feel about them. Now I'm thinking about investing in some ;-)

  4. I hadn't paid much attention to them before trying these on. I loved the look and that they were exceptionally comfortable.


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