On Deck: Savvy, French Cafe

March 25, 2012

By Katrice

I've been addicted to weekly manis since discovering that I could polish my nails almost perfectly by myself on my bathroom counter. The lighting is bright and the counter space is vast enough that I can spread all of my tools out in front of me. I blame those two factors on my new habit of setting up shop on Saturdays or Sundays to change my nail color, even when I have no chips.

Today, I tried Savvy polish in the shade French Cafe. It's a rich nude that I think may be one of my faves for the summer. It went on easily without streaks and dried within five minutes. We'll see how long it lasts before chipping.

I also purchased a few other colors to try since they were on sale for $.99 at Sally Beauty Supply.

French Rose Petal | Melon Fusion | French Sheer White | Mango

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  1. I will be checking those colors are out soon!!! I love neutrals!!!!!

  2. That color is lovely on you! I love polishing my nails once, sometimes twice, a week! Nail polish has become my beauty addiction of sorts, lol

  3. I love this! i'm with you on re-doing my nails even when I don't have a chip but especially when I do, lol

  4. I loving the nude appeal. Its how I have my nails this week with a touch of glitter on one.

  5. hi, is that nail polish they sell in everywhere? i life in netherland but i never get that nail polish. may you answer my question? thanks


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