MVL Radar: Camera+ {It's All About Great Photos}

March 13, 2012

By Katrice

As you've probably surmised at this point, you can count on me for frequent iPad and iPhone apps as I am always looking for tools to make both more handy. Today's find: Camera+ is in a word -- SWEET! I love my SLR camera but I don't tote it with me everywhere. My iPad and iPhone {especially the latter} are always with me, and Camera+ has pretty much turned my iPhone into a mini slr camera. This app literally has everything: A choice of shooting modes including an automatic timer feature, a hearty suite of editing options, photo flashlight for continuous fill light, scene modes, touch exposure and focus, and lightbox storage. Can it get any better than that? I'd say, no. I deleted the other photo editing and accessory apps I'd downloaded to use with the standard iPhone camera after toying around with Camera+ for just five minutes. 

A cropped version of my first attempt

Price: $.99 {A steal!!!}

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  1. YES! Me thanking you frantically lol. Just downloaded to my iPad, next onto my phone. Great recommendation- it is very easy to use and fast- tres nifty for only .99.

  2. Great info Katrice!!! I was really looking for an app for the camera on my Ipad. I'll let u know how it all works when I download it :)



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