MVL Radar: Vlingo {My New Fave App}

March 07, 2012

By Katrice 

Soooo ... I didn't get the iPhone 4S. I settled for the 4 and I'm okay with that. But I was talking to a friend who also recently purchased an iPhone, and she did get the 4S with Siri. We're constantly comparing notes about how little conveniences make all the difference in helping us to keep our busy lives in order. And that got me to thinking about what Siri-like apps may be out there. 

Voila! Enter: Vlingo

When I read that Vlingo had almost all of Siri’s functionality, including booking restaurants, I was sold on trying it. I can text, map out a route, search for information, update my social media status and make a phone call with a simple voice command. All I have to do is hold down the Home button on my phone and speak whatever I'm trying to do. Perfect!

The only option Vlingo is missing is the reminder feature. But, I expect that will be offered in an update very shortly. With all I'll be able to do with this free app, I'm certainly not complaining. 

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