{MVL Access} Huetiful Hair Idol Shoot

July 25, 2011

By Katrice

Thank you to Huetiful for having me and a few other bloggers {MahoganyKnots.com and SamoneSays.com} at the Huetiful Hair Idol Shoot to meet writer and vlogger CharyJay, and the glam squad that worked it out behind the scenes. 

{CharyJay can give you the eyes like no one else! Myleik, zhuzhing.}

{John, of Jas Photo and Para working}


{Farrah, of Mahogany Knots and Mahogany Bella, and I}

{Everyone, including Samone, is trying to get their shot}

{Styling by Lamil Designs}

{Ken, the man behind it all, and Ruthie, Huetiful's brand manager}

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  1. She is such a DOLL! Thanks so much for coming!

  2. Great post Katrice! It was such a pleasure meeting you at the shot! You're a sweetheart! I will be sure to keep in touch!


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