Lessons from Jamaica

April 03, 2011

By Katrice

{breakfast on my patio at Jamaica Inn}

One of the best things about being inquisitive is that you are always coming to new realizations externally as well as internally. You're always learning and there is always space for newness. I feel like my trip to Jamaica was all about new realities. 

There is nothing like life to put life back into perspective. 

1. I must have a boat.

2. You can hold stress in your fingers. {I discovered this during a reflexology treatment.}

3. Waking up without an alarm really is bliss.

4. This will be a summer of sensational sun dresses for me. 

5. Ocean waves release endorphins.

6. I love Bammy

7. We underestimate the benefits of proactive wellness. {Nutrition, exercise, pampering, relaxation.}

8. Even in a tropical climate, I prefer a fan and the fresh air to air conditioning. 

9. I spend way too much time on my computer. {My first-day search for a stronger WI-FI signal made that evident.} 

10. I can be completely made up with just moisturizer, concealer, lip gloss and mascara. Who knew!?

11. Once we've visited a place, even if we love it very much, we should continue on to another destination for our next excursion. The world is too vast to limit our travels to a particular locale. 

12. The safes in hotel rooms are there for a very good reason. 

13. Fresh fruits and vegetables have a taste that is unmistakable. I need more of both in my life every single day.  

14. I can bounce back quickly. 

15. The moisture in island air is better than any moisturizer I have used on my natural hair. 

16. Down time is so very necessary.

17. Checking luggage is passé. It's a lovely option, but clearly the baggage handlers could not care less about us or our bags. {Have made note to self.}

18. I could make it without constant cell phone access. I did in Jamaica.

19. We should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water each day.

20. Things can make you happy for a moment. Experiences can fulfill you for a lifetime.

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  1. I am so jealous, but it looks like you really had a relaxing time! I am taking a trip in a few short months and this just gave me so much to look forward too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lovely post Katrice. Would love to go on a trip to warm climate. Enjoy the rest of your stay!

  3. Thanks for the posts ... hope you are enjoying yourself and not getting too bogged down with the blog world :-).

  4. Thank you all. I'm back stateside now. : )

  5. #20 is the one to live by. I am so glad that you had a fabulous time!

  6. Phenomenal! Love it! Bravo! *Q


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