MVL Radar: Stats Atlanta

February 20, 2011

By Katrice

It's been a while since I posted on a first-time visit to one of the city's sensational eateries. But, I think my meal at Stats Atlanta, yesterday, is worth mentioning. If you like the sports bar atmosphere, and even if you don't, you'll love Stats. It's mahogany wood and supple leather sleek, the atmosphere is nice, you have the option of rooftop dining ... and if by chance you're going with the intention of watching a game, all of the other amenities have been built around that. 

I met fellow blogger Poppy of Memoirs of an Eternal Optimist there for dinner and a face-to-face meeting after much chatting back on forth via our blogs. We picked up like old friends! {LOL} I ordered the Texas Burger (BBQ Sauce, Cheddar, Mushroom, Crispy Onion) and fries. Simple meal, but it was tasty. I'll definitely be back. 

Looking to add to your blog reading list? Check out Memoirs of an Eternal Optimist here.

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  1. I had fun, it was great meeting you! And thanks for the blog shout out :-)


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