Introducing MVL -N- Londyn {Adventures in Makeup}

February 08, 2011

By Katrice

If you've been following MVL for a while, you've heard me talking about Londyn, the makeup artist behind the sensational looks for my blog photo shoots. Well, I'm excited to be partnering with him for MVL -N- Londyn, a series of makeup tutorials on trends, products and applications {from The Londyn Look} as well as VLogs that will feature behind the scenes MVL exclusives. I love love love makeup and Londyn is constantly helping me to fine tune my own techniques. And I wanted to share that with you. Exciting, right!?

Our first collaboration: 5 Key Essentials for Your Everyday Look


Key 1: Moisturizer & Prep + Primer

Key 2: Mascara

*The store was very busy, so we switched to voice notes.

Key 3: Color Saturation

Whenever choosing a shadow, eyeliner or even a lipstick, make sure it's saturated in color because that will ensure you get the full effect of what you're trying to achieve. For example, many times people think that colors like yellow won't come across well on their skin complexion, but you have to test it to be sure that the saturation that is being displayed is as good on your skin. Just take a sample of it and rub it on your hand. If the saturation on your hand matches what you see in the container, then that's a good thing. 

Key 4: Eye shadow base
You also want to make sure that when you're wearing eye shadow that you use a cream base as a foundation underneath. Not only will it enhance the color even more, it will also help with the shadow's longevity because you won't get the cracking or oiliness on your lid throughout the day. 
*Bonus tip: The key to any shadow, liner, foundation is blending. You don't want to leave any lines of demarcation because lines of demarcation make you look hard and the object is to look soft. So, you really want to get in there and blend it out – whether it's with a crease brush or patting the line down when applying your foundation to make it smudge out.

Key 5: Lip Gloss
A good gloss is very much key to the completion of your look. When choosing a gloss, you want to make sure you're also paying attention to saturation and color, depending on the look that you desire. Coral, neutral, beige and pink glosses are good because they have that natural look and can be used for everyday without being too overbearing for work but also transition into something else if you're going out. 
*Bonus tip: Use a liner of your choice color and go all over your lip with the gloss already on. This will not only pop the lip and take it up a notch, it will also help sustain the color and longevity.

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  1. Personally this is the BEST blog post you have ever done for me. Since I am ignorant of the basics - I miss out on so many opportunities for longetivty throughout the day with my makeup. WOW! I learned so much thru this post. GO KATRICE! And can I have Londyn for myself....:) Thanks for sharing him with us!

  2. Thank you!! Hope that these posts will be helpful. I have been utilizing these tips since our trip to Sephora and enjoying great results.

  3. This is great! It's good to see Londyn giving advice on "The Londyn Look"! All of us ladies need it! Gen


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