Ready for Whatever

February 12, 2011

By Katrice

Yes, I'm on this subject again. But, I must. This week was full of spur of the moment plans for me in the midst of an already packed schedule. Though I tend to not be spontaneous, I am the master of launching for last minute invitations and opportunities {like going to see First Lady Michelle Obama speak on Wednesday}. Everyone needs a strategy for unforeseen social and professional occasions. And I'm in the mood for sharing. Here's my shortlist.

1. Keep something transformative on deck. 

This can vary from what you have available to you in your office to your repertoire of garments for after-work functions. I wanted to run home and change into something more "I'm seeing my First Lady for the first time in person" appropriate on Wednesday, but there wasn't time. Thank goodness, my hair and makeup were done, and I wasn't wearing jeans. In the event that I had been, you can be sure a blazer and some pumps would have been in tow. My motto, always get as lovely for work as you would for going out. 

2. Do NOT ignore your feet {and other grooming} just because it's winter. 

I was standing near someone this week who was wearing slingbacks without hosiery and her heels were so cracked that it looked painful and, actually, unclean. You do not have to make trips to the pedicurist to keep up with your feet. Keep a pumice stone handy in your shower and give your feet a little attention each day after pounding the pavement. 

3. A little makeup goes a long way. {I know, I'm like a broken record.}

Every makeup artist I have ever spoken with has given the same tip: If you don't do anything else, curl your lashes. And then there are the follow-ups. Even. If. You. Are. "Low-maintenance," a little mascara, blush and lip color will do the trick in a rush. Remember, your face makes an introduction before you even open your mouth.

4. Cash in hand.
I can, sometimes, be bad about keeping cash handy. But, my goal is to always have at least $20 in my purse. Tolls. Parking. Tips. Etc.

How do you stay ready?

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  1. For me planning is key. I am always preparing myself for the week ahead of time...for those spontaneous moments (which I hate, literally gives me anxiety but I would hate to miss out on something valuable so I go with it :O) I always have a back up outfit in tow...and of course my trust purse sidekick - the mini makeup bag. U r so right - a polished face gives an award winning introduction. Thanks for this post - I truly am going to work on staple pieces that can be transformed in a minute for those moments that I cannot get home. You are just fabulous!!!!!!!!!


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