Sunday Best

September 22, 2010

By Katrice 

As with the rest of our wardrobing, it's time to start transitioning from summer to fall attire for church. I especially love getting dressed on Sundays. One of the most profound signatures of the black church is that we look forward to coming out in our very best ... I guess it was probably my introduction to fashion before I even realized that I fancied the art of good style. 

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  1. I LOVE the grey skirt from Elle Shop!! Classic and chic.

  2. DITTO on the grey skirt! And floral print dress.

  3. Ok, so is Elle a line at Kohl's or are they two different things? If so, I'm hooked.

  4. No ELLE Shop is ELLE Magazine's shopping directory where you can purchase the items it features. If you click on any of the sets, you will get the item prices and retailers who sell them.


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