Going the Distance

September 19, 2010

By Katrice 

MVL Reader, SabrinaSo, about 4 months ago I was inspired and treated myself to several pairs of fabulous shoes. Three-, four- and five-inch pumps and wedges in all colors. They are sexy - but they hurt like crazy (some more than others). I have purchased different variations of insole and shoe support, but some I have put aside for weekend/2 to 3-hour event wear only. With trying to stay in shape, I am also trying to walk more at work, which means I have been taking the stairs and walking to meetings on our campus vs. driving. I am writing you because 1) you have a serious shoe game :-) and 2) I find it hard to believe that they all feel good on your feet. Or do they? How do you manage it?

MVL: Dear Sabrina, I know exactly what you mean about trying to include more activity in your day and how being in heels can make that cumbersome. I do wear heels four days a week to work and love them so much that I generally wear them on weekends, though I'm making a more concerted effort to wear flats in my downtime. How I manage it, however, is by keeping a pair of Isotoner ballet slippers in my office, and carrying a pair of flats in my car for the days that I want to run errands on my lunch break or have an event for work. As far as the heels I buy, I tend to lean toward heels that have an invisible platform because they give the balls of my feet more support and absorb quite a bit of the pounding pressure of walking. 

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  1. Thank you - thank you - thank you! I went shoe shopping yet again on yesterday and invested in some more sensible shoes for running around. I, too, keep flats in my office and a pair of sporty flip flops in the car. During my next shoe venture I will be sure to seek shoes w/invisible platforms (feel free to post more idea :-) ). Thanks again!!!

  2. BTW, cute shoes :-).

  3. I am speechless at those shoes!!

  4. I am SCREAMING over those animal print shoes. I have turned into an animal in the midst of my wardrobe transformation & I have the perfect pencil skirt to match. LOL!!!!


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