Of Sistren Supper Club

February 02, 2021

I've been dreaming of hosting a dinner party as soon as the pandemic ends for nearly a year. In the beginning, I thought my urge was just about hosting some of my favorite people in my home for a lovely meal and lively confab. But, the longer we've been kept from gathering in our normal way, I realize it's more about the loss of fellowship and the power we gain from coming together more than anything else. And I asked myself ... do we need to be in the same place to do that? No. We don't. 

So on March 13, 2021, MVL will launch Of Sistren Supper Club, a monthly virtual meetup for women with conversation, fellowship, peer mentoring and support. Participants will join the relaxed supper club for four months, getting together virtually one Saturday each month. 

Of Sistren will be by invitation only, but the intent is not to exclude anyone as much as it is meant to allow the space and time for solid conversation and listening between dreamers and doers. If you're not chosen to join for a specific quarter, never fear, your application will be considered for a subsequent session. 

Are you in? If so, I'd love to hear from you
(Fill out the application to join us on the link above.)

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