N|S Beauty Malachite Body Scrub

November 23, 2020

I've had plans for a while now for how I would spend my vacation this week and they very much involved plenty of luxuriating. This is always the time when I have to push myself a little bit more in my workouts and am increasingly diligent about my hair and skin as the season changes. But, this year  like so many of you  I'm doing a lot more to fight off the monotony of being at home indefinitely and the urge to bum around. And part of that extra care involves my bath time routine. 

I recently started added N|S Beauty's Malachite Body Scrub to my evening shower regimen and I am seriously obsessed. 

Before I started using it, I would have to slather on a moisturizer before hopping into bed to combat waking up to extra dry skin. When I used this buttery soft exfoliator, my skin not only feels noticeably softer  it also has a glow and hydration that I haven't noticed from any other body scrub I've used in the past. N|S Beauty says this isn't your typical body scrub and that is not a boast, it's a promise. 

This hand-blended whipped body polisher is all natural, free from toxins and made with organic oils, and Hawaiian spirulina (which helps reduce discolorations and contains powerful antioxidants to keep your skin healthy and prevent premature aging signs. Yes to this.), yerba mate, sandalwood and Malachite crystal powder. In any other time, I would most certainly have booked a spa appointment for this week; this  — with its soothing scent of sandalwood — is a more than adequate substitute.

If you're looking for a bit of joy in a container (treat yourself!!) or a sumptuous gift, this is it.

N|S Beauty Malachite Body Scrub$47

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