Treat Yourself

September 17, 2019

The old adage, "when you look better, you feel better" is dramatically under-considered.

People often ask me what I'm doing to my hair to make it appear so soft or what scent I'm wearing, and it has made me realize that the finishing touches on a look  even simple ones (you don't always have to be in a full face of makeup)  can make a notable difference in not only the way you look but also how you feel. My beauty outlook and routine is very much influenced by the elder women who seasoned me as a girl. I loved walking into my grandmother's room and smelling her perfume in the air. I studied my mom's routine of moisturizing her skin. Women at my church almost always completed an ensemble with a brooch ... I do that very same thing now, in jeans and dresses. Because when I have taken a bit of extra time in my beauty routine, I feel it.

I save major perfume purchases for splurge occasions but rollerball-size fragrance options have changed that. I can try the newest scents for a fraction of the cost everywhere from department stores to Sephora, Victoria's Secret and even Zara.

A pop of mascara can brighten up your whole face.

I don't spend a lot of time researching natural products but a while back Nubian Heritage sent me a sample of its African Black Soap Deodorant, and it is amazing. It has a super lovely scent that is literally like slathering luxury under your arms. I mean ... really. (It's the little things!)

A youtuber I follow always says, "rich in color, rich in beauty." I believe that. The right blush can soften you and also give you a fresh-off-holiday look. I rarely step out without at least a sweep across each cheek.

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