On Deck: Motorola 2000 Slim Power Pack

September 27, 2013

By Katrice

Literally, just last week my mom asked me if I'd seen what she described as a cell phone charger that didn't need to be plugged in to charge; she had seen several women using them while on a weekend trip. I told her I hadn't, but a few days later Verizon was the bearer of the Motorola 2000 Slim Power Pack for me to try out with my Blackberry Q10 as a part of the Verizon Ambassador Program

I love gadgets so I was anxious to test it out, especially since I use my phone so heavily during the day that I'm heading straight for the charger when I get home from work. (Sidebar: I can actually mosey into the house because my BlackBerry holds an amazing charge.)

Motorola slim power packs promise universal, on-the-go power for your devices when you're on the go and allow you to power multiple devices simultaneously with an attached micro USB cable. You can also plug a charging cable of your choice into the standard USB port to charge any non-micro USB devices.

This thing is ridiculously handy. I don't leave the house without it now, and even when I have to send it back, I'll be investing $39.99 for one to keep. 

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