For the Love of Clutches

August 28, 2013

By Katrice

I follow Rocquelle Porch, a.k.a. Consider Me Lovely, on all her social media channels. The first time I clicked through a link that came down my twitter timeline to an outfit blog post she did about two years ago, I was all in. My first impression: I like her. I favorited her blog and went there often for her outfit and DIY posts ... I still do. She was consistent; a plus. She was interesting; another plus. And she was vibrant and believable ... Rocquelle struck me as a woman who enjoyed her life. We were becoming friends in my head. Social networking has a way of not only making you feel like you know the people you chat with day in and day out — virtually  but it also causes you feel as if you've known them all along. How you know you've transcended a mere social media connection is when you move from calling them by their handle and addressing them by their real name. 

I've admired every sewing and accessory project Rocquelle has shared on her site and so when she announced that she was taking that talent on the road with the launch of her brand Clutched and Covered, all I could say was, "yes." 

The concept: Why buy a new clutch when you can cover the one you have? Put your zipper or snap closure clutch into a clutch cover for a completely new clutch look, or put your envelope clutch in a clutch cover to be on top of the mixed prints, color blocking, or mix of bold prints with solid colors trends. All you do is shop the design you want from her inventory of styles and send her your clutch's measurements, and a cover is made to order in a custom size for your bag.

She calls it "one of her DIY projects turned business," I call it brilliant. Here's a little peek behind the scenes of the brand.

How did the concept for Clutchedand Covered come about?
Clutched & Covered is a concept that I sort of happened upon.  In December of 2011, I wanted a bit of fur for my winter wardrobe, but living in Texas, I knew a coat didn't make sense (I have a vintage fur from my mom, but I never get to wear it, such a shame, lol).  So, I hand sewed a fur concoction for one of my clutches and shared it on my style blog, Consider Me Lovely.  So many people started asking about it, wanting it, and encouraging me to turn what I was now calling a clutch cover, into a business.  I didn’t even know how to sew, lol!!  8 months later, after some sewing lessons, a financial investment, and lots of praying, Clutched & Covered was born!

What inspires you in business?
My greatest inspiration is my family.  I am trying to build a great brand, so that I may take care of my family and leave them a legacy.  I desire to have a company that provides opportunities for others.  I am very much so inspired by fellow entrepreneurs, their stories, successes, failures, and struggles, and I am visually inspired in things I see in everyday life, from the color of a flower, the ladies at church, clouds in the sky, a fabric I spy in a thrift store, to the trends and styles in magazines and on blogs.  Inspiration is everywhere for every facet of my business.

What brand do you look to and admire its trajectory?
Generally speaking, I try not to keep up with too many people and brands, as I fear comparing myself (which has led me to think I’m not succeeding at times).  Nonetheless, the story of Sophia Amoruso and the Nasty Gal brand is very admirable.  Fashion industry vets like DVF and Carolina Herrera inspire me, but I love knowing that a young brand, like Nasty Gal, can start from nothing and grow into a global business.  I strongly adore Maya Lake and the organic more grassroots growth of Boxing Kitten. Boxing Kitten pieces are so well made and beautiful, and I try to emulate that. The brand is worn by celebrities with a unique style, but also can be afforded by everyday women and found in local boutiques. 

Describe your brand aesthetic in one sentence?
Clutched & Covered is eclectic and bold in that there is a print, color, or texture for every kind of woman, the fabrics and prints are inspired by and come from a varying of sources, and each clutch cover is bound to make a statement.  (ok, I know that’s a long sentence, lol)

What has been your greatest challenge as an entrepreneur and your greatest success thus far? 
I guess you can say my greatest challenge and success are tied to one another.  My greatest challenge has been figuring out how to get my brand out there and increase clutch cover sales.  My greatest success thus far has been not giving up!  There have been may days where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel (every entrepreneur feels this, I believe), but I know God didn’t give me this idea, this vision, for nothing.

Want to change the look of one or more of your clutches? is offering MVL readers a special 15 percent off discount for a short time. Just use the code VicariouslyClutched at checkout. 

And follow Rocquelle on social media:

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  1. I love Rocquelle!! She is such an awesome spirit and she inspires me consistently! I plan on purchasing a clutch cover (as well as ordering the one that I won in a giveaway) soon. She is for sure a friend in my head! :)

  2. I just love seeing people using their talents and ideas! This is great!

  3. I love that Rocquelle's DIY project turned business is going to lead her to a cover story on Fast Company on Innovation. She is super talented and I am very excited to see her company grow.

  4. Thank you for this awesome and challenging interview!! I'm blessed to be featured on My Vicarious Lyfe.

    1. You're so welcome! You made it easy. I love your vision and your talent.

  5. Wonderful feature! Rocquelle is a huge inspiration and I can't wait to see Clutched & Covered continue to grow and grow!


    1. Thank you! So much greatness in Rocquelle's future.


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