Before You Complain, Stop

August 09, 2013

Try this: The next time you get ready to complain, stop for several seconds and think of something good that is happening in your life. If you can't think of a second thought, you may just have a right to complain. Because for sure, then, you might actually be having a downhill moment. But, even in those times, I hope you'll be able to muster something to lift you enough to think on the good things. In other words, stop again, and try not to further empower whatever it is that is getting you down. 

I say this because some days my social media timelines stream with one or two people who seem to be reveling in the fact that they have an audience for their misery. Do I expect to see nothing but good things coming through? Eh ... Yes, I do. We all have complaints at different times, and some of my friends are patient enough to sit through mine but I refuse to be overcome by my bad days or whatever it is that is getting me down. And beyond that, what good does it do to broadcast it? Your conversation says so much about you; More than how you think, it tells who you are.

I watched a youtube video last year of Bishop Tudor Bismark preaching: The I AM Factor, in which he talks about the power of our words and specifically what we put behind, "I am." Powerful stuff.

Oddly, social media has turned into an extension of our circles. Not only am I frequently in contact with my friends and family on a daily basis, there are people on Twitter and other sites who impart into my day. In real life, I steer clear of negative people. {Think, self preservation.} And my life on social media is not a fairytale ... I'm still living in reality. So, if you're a complainer, I'll be unfollowing.

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  1. I love this Katrice. I was just talking to someone Saturday about how I sometimes suffer in silence, particularly on a certain issue, because I don't want to complain. There's so much power in what comes out of our mouths. Of course we all have days or moments where we feel the need to vent our complaints, but some folks on social media complain everyday.

    1. Complaining actually has no real power. I learned that firsthand. smile


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