{How to} Keep Moving

July 31, 2013

By Katrice

Sometimes, the hardest feat is to convince yourself not to stop; even if you're the "glass half full" kind. Actually, sometimes especially when you're the glass half full kind. We tend to put everything into what we're doing, so when we experience a setback, there are a lot of layers we need to keep from imploding. Though it takes a lot to slow me down and most days I believe it impossible to bring to a stop, the reality is: It's not. 

So, I've devised a plan for how to keep moving. 

1. Determine an expected end.
Once I heard my pastor say that sometimes we're disillusioned in our trials because we confuse the middle with the end. If you have no thesis for your life story, you'll be all over the place. That's the macro of things. But, on a micro level  you also need to have expected end results for all of your individual pursuits. When you can envision what the end  the finish line  will look like, you can clearly differentiate it and use it to refocus when you get weary. Because trust me, you will get weary.

2. Fortify yourself.
Store up good days, victories and every other bit of goodness along the way. If you know me, you know I celebrate even the tiniest of accomplishments because when I'm down, I know that it will all help me to remember that those times won't last always. My good days really do outweigh my bad. 

3. Manage your reactions.
Some things are literally nothing more than an illusion. I've had to ask myself, at times, is this a haunted house scenario or a real danger to my well being. I remember having to be forced through a haunted house, and getting outside and laughing at how frightened I was. While I was in there, I was convinced that I would not make it out because of constantly startling surprises throughout the maze. If I ever go through another haunted house, I'm confident that I will be able to prepare myself for what is merely the appearance of more than what is actually happening. Trials come to make you stronger, not weaker. With every trial, your response should certainly be an increasingly unshakable resolve.

Have any tips for how you keep going? 

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  1. This was one of your best posts! Thank you for sharing! I share a daily email with my sisters entitled "Grateful" where we write what we are most grateful for that day. It forces us to be appreciative for something everyday.


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