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October 01, 2012

By Katrice

Blogger friend Busola A. of asked me to pen a guest post on getting your closet ready for fall  organization and necessities. Right up my alley.

Here's a tease:

Fashionable, Fabulous and Organized for Fall

"It’s time to transition. And the only thing that comforts me when the summer wanes and I dread putting away the sandals is pulling out the boots. But, before I can delve into the cool climate portion of my wardrobe, I usually need to give my closet a once-over. First, reorganization and then filling in the gaps with a few must-haves each season. The latter definitely makes the former less daunting. 

1. Pick & Choose
How many times can you shuffle that sweater you haven’t worn in three years from one end of your closet to the other? I know; Endlessly. If we don’t have patience for anything else, we have it for those pieces in our wardrobes that we never want to wear but constantly convince ourselves that we want. Now that we've admitted it, we can get rid of them..."

Visit Tidy Up Gal today for more of my tips and fall must-haves. 

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  1. So excited and grateful :-)! Thanks for your great tips! I must check out those hangers you recommended!

    1. Thank YOU for the invitation! You'll love them. {You can get them at Ross, TJ Maxx and Marshall's too. ;)}


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