Giving the Boot

October 30, 2012

By Katrice

Before the temperature suddenly dropped last weekend, I was set on downsizing all but two pairs of my boots. I'm exaggerating ....... but I did make up my mind after last winter's extreme mildness that having so many pairs was completely unnecessary in the Southeast. And then I stepped out of the airport Sunday night and the temperature was 47 degrees. I thought, I'll be wearing boots every day this week. My facebook status update first thing Monday morning was: Being cold will make you take stock of my life. Ha. But, alas, I must remain on my task; I have too many boots. 

There's more. 

What to do?

In the past, I have consigned the pairs I was shuffling out of the rotation. I'm over consigning at the moment. I've also sold some on my Big Cartel site in the past. But, I'm looking for something new. A friend told me about Posh Mark for iPhone; it's not available for Droid devices yet. Any suggestions on apps that are equally as handy for my HTC Incredible?

Help. Please and thank you.

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  1. There is a site called "because i shop to much." it's a blogger operated and owned site for bloggers to sell their old duds. check it out!

  2. Between your boots and my 21 pairs of black shoes, we could have a sale. Unfortunately, I don't have any remedies, but let me know what you find :-).

    1. I'm definitely going to check out the site Eboni mentioned. We have to do better. lol


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