MVL Radar: The Journey Back

September 28, 2012

By Katrice

Going natural is work. But, it's good work ... the kind that you know is going to be rewarding so you don't mind it. Coming to terms with that before you even begin the process will make a world of difference. Four years ago, I was piecing together information from a few others I knew who were already over the hump and shamelessly cataloging tips from perfect strangers in hair product sections of stores all over Atlanta. Thankfully, that was then. 

Dr. Kari Williams, noted Trichologist, natural hair stylist and my own trusted source for everything hair and scalp health, has come to the rescue with her first e-book "The Journey Back: How to Transition Back to Your Natural Curl."

Williams, also the owner of the natural hair studio Mahogany Revolution salon and a Trichology Clinic in Los Angeles, has penned an informative guide to help you understand the process of transitioning back to your natural curl.

She writes, "Everywhere you look women are 'going natural,' investing in sulfate-free shampoos and getting acquainted with new words like 'flat twist' and 'bantu.' It's a whole new world and everyone's an expert." 

I felt like clapping my hands right there. 

Dr. Kari's objective is simple: To help us understand our hair. "The Journey Back" will offer much-needed insight into exactly what it means to be natural and to carefully manage your expectations. Because the reality is, no matter how many tutorials we watch and techniques we try — our hair can only do what our hair can do. 

Whether you're seasoned in your process of relearning your hair or at the beginning of the journey, this book is for you. "When taking the steps towards transitioning, it is incredibly difficult to decipher which techniques, styles and products will work best for your specific hair type," she shares. "'The Journey Back: How to Transition Back to Your Natural Curl' is a quick, detailed read that will give you all of the information you need to feel confident in your transition to natural hair."

The transitioning process, styling options and key product and ingredient information to help you protect and preserve your natural hair  it's all here. And the price, $7.99, is right. 

Indeed, this book was long overdue. Go now ... You can thank me later. 

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