Shea Moisture Takes Over Atlanta

September 09, 2011

By Katrice 

Shea Moisture hosted its first soiree in Atlanta last night inviting the city's "naturalistas" to the LOFT at Castleberry Hill for an opportunity to engage one on one with lifestyle specialists Amia Freeman, Felicia Leatherwood and Dr. Kari Williams as well as the company's co-founder and CEO Richelieu Dennis. When Shea Moisture comes to a city near you, I suggest you make it your business to be in the building.

The craftily curated roster of panelists were a wealth of information on taking care of our bodies from the inside out. 
 "Taking care of your body doesn't cost you a thing." - Fitness Guru Amia Freeman. 

One of the biggest myths among African Americans, according to trichologist Dr. Kari Williams, is that water dries our hair out. "Water is the number one moisturizer," she said. 
Her advice: Deep condition your hair every time you wash it and moisturize it well. 

"The revolution of this natural hair movement is [about] more than just our hair. It's really some work that we're doing on the inside ... we're empowering each other."
"Transitioning starts in the mind and in the heart." 
- Celeb Stylist and natural hair aficionado Felicia Leatherwood

A little history on Shea Moisture: The products we love so much originated with Dennis' grandmother in Sierra Leone where she mixed and sold them in her village market. Shea Moisture is now one of the only black-owned companies that manufactures, packages and ships its own completely organic products {the reason the company is able to keep them so affordable}.

Add to the unbelievable forum gift bags of full size Shea Moisture product samples and a special discount of 3 products for $20 in the event market and I'd say, this will be a hard natural hair gathering to top. 

{I had major afro envy when I met her.}

{Felicia Leatherwood, me & Dr. Kari Williams}

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