The Afro Puff {How To}

August 17, 2012

By Katrice

I love a good chunky afro puff, but you probably already know that if you're here often or follow me on instagram {MyVicariousLyfe}. I can dress it up or down, and change the look of the style by its positioning. People always ask me what I'm using to hold it up and to smooth my edges. So, I'm overdue for a how-to. 

What I use: Organic Root Stimulator Smooth-n-Hold Pudding or Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter {I discovered BT Moisture Butter because I ran out of ORS Pudding and had to use the products I already have since I'm on a shopping hiatus. Good things have come of this! lol}, a medium bristle brush, cloth stretch headband. 

What I do: The best afro puffs are after I've had a twist out for a few days {sleeping with it covered by a satin bonnet} and my hair has volumized into a chunky afro. The bigger my afro, the better the poof. 

Apply just enough ORS Smoothing Pudding or BT Moisture Butter to the edges of your hairline to brush them to the smoothness you desire. Neither of these products harden or remain greasy, which is a plus for if you like it to look natural. 

Even if you can't find stretchy multi-strand cloth headbands like the ones I have from Goody, you can use a pair of pantyhose that has been fashioned into a headband. You need one that's just large enough to wrap place around your neck and twice, so that it's tight but not too tight to push up over your face and onto your hair. 

Tip: As you get the band to the edge of your hair and start to push it up, pushing it up in the back versus too far back from the front will allow a more full puff and not put so much pressure on the crown of your head. You shouldn't have a headache with this style. {smile}

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  1. Thanks do much for this post. I have been attempting to find products that will work on my edges that will not make my hair curl back up. Thanks again


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