C. Wonder{ful} in Atlanta

August 24, 2012

By Katrice

I enjoyed the spoils of early access to C. Wonder at Lenox Mall in Atlanta on Thursday as the store opened the doors of it's first location in the south to select media. And my first experience with the brand was absolutely kid in a candy store delectable. My shopping hiatus countdown has taken on new fervor.

From apparel to accessories, home décor to personal electronics, and a myriad of unusual gifts in every category, each and every product is designed to reflect and enhance all elements of a woman’s life. C. Wonder blends classic designs with refreshing twists, whimsical prints and an unlimited dose of breathtaking colors. I couldn't help but feel like I'd stepped into a Kate Spade boutique  an affect synonymous with throwing caution and your shopping budget to the wind. Animal prints, paisleys, stripes, monograms, eye-catching solids, polka dots ... everything a girl loves. I chatted with a store associate who assured me that this brilliance is year-round. Colors and {for the south} layering pieces, essentials in our mild climate, will be a mainstay.

Amy Shecter, president of the company, believes this, in fact, is what C. Wonder does best.  

"We created C. Wonder to appeal to a wide range of women  those that are shopping for themselves or looking for a gift or both. We are a one-stop retail destination for her," she says.

And what the Atlanta woman is looking for has already been noted: "Our jewelry, colored skinny jeans, silk blouses, nylon pouches that can be monogrammed and our decorative pillows have all been flying off the shelves at our Atlanta location."

For fall, we can expect an abundance of sweaters, and some of the brand's favorite fall knits like Intarsia Sweaters and a striped turtleneck, Shecter dishes. In outerwear, be on the lookout for a coat with a fabulous faux fur collar.  

 According to the brand, the average C. Wonder product is under $40. Of the pieces that I cataloged on a mental {and pictorial} wish list, the prices ranged between $30 {colored stud earrings} and $80 {a hot pink iPad case with a keyboard}. Not bad at all.

{Brunch. Easily the best parfait I've ever tasted. I'll be attempting to recreate.}

And so, a pictorial {and video, thanks to my trusty Droid Incredible} tour of everything I'll be back for.

More C. Wonder goodness here

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  1. Love love the store. Now I want to go shopping.

    1. Now, you see what I was enduring yesterday. This story is incredible.

  2. Love all of it,:) I really like that dinnerware as well, oh,,,those prints! Those cuffs are too cute.


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