My Own Little Handbag Heaven

September 10, 2011

By Katrice 

To say that I love handbags would be an understatement. Ever since I was in tween, they've been my favorite accessory. Interestingly, I don't do a lot of posts around what's new or has caught my eye but purses are the most profound portion of my wardrobe. So, I thought, why not dedicate a blog to my own little piece of heaven.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

{I don't usually like wild prints, but I thought the purple House of Dereon bag and Betseyville tote were cute.}

{This Louis Vuitton mens toiletry bag has been in my collection more than 20 years. I use it as a clutch.}

{Large totes and carryalls are my favorites.}

Most cherished handbag: Vintage Louis Vuitton toiletry pouch

Best find: A vintage cream and cognac Dooney & Bourke leather tote, $2.89

Most trendy: A candy-toned purple bag from Aldo {I wouldn't normally give a second look to anything purple but color is fun}

Favorite designer: Louis Vuitton, of course

Fantasy handbag purchase: A vintage Hermes Birkin

Most affordable brand favorite: H&M

Favorite place to shop for handbags: TJ Maxx

Secret to keeping my bags in good shape: Careful storage and stuffing 

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  1. I am a huge fan and purses and shoes! My problem is that I put too much stuff in my purses. :-) Your collection is fierce. Thanks for the tip on how to keep your bags in good shape. I need to get better at that.

  2. I can really overload my purses too. I don't really notice it until I travel. I have literally ruined two handbags this year while traveling. Lesson learned. lol

  3. Amazing photos! You have a fantastic purse collection haha.

  4. thanks for the comment. this truly is handbag heaven :))

  5. You have a huge and amazing collection!

  6. Thank you! I don't think I need to grow it at all any time soon.

  7. I think I fell in love! Beautiful collection. You have a lot of timeless bags, which is a great thing!

  8. wow you have an amazing collection so jelly


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