Colored Denim ... Stylin' or Stuntin'?

May 10, 2011

By Katrice

J Brand Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, $338

Met Cotton Jeans, $210

MOTO Seven Eighths Skinny Jeans, $76

MOTO Petite Coral Jamie Ultimate Skinny Jeans, $80

Rag & Bone Cropped Skinny Jeans, $155

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  1. The last time I wore some colored denim I was in high school trying to be hip. SO that being said - I think u can rock colored denim depending on ur overall style. Personally I am on the "Michelle Obama" kick with the pattern combinations, bright hues & cardigans so I would pass on the colored denim look......but I have some associates that rock it & pull it off. But they are in their early to mid 20s. Age makes a difference to me. :) Just my opinion.
    S Nicole

  2. I would wear a pair of colored cropped jeans if I was a little more bold.

  3. I think im gonna stick with a white pair of skinny jeans. Heck im still trying to find blue jeans to fit this behind!!! lol

  4. I am so into color denim right now. I want red and pink denim. might get a royal blue


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