Adventures in Moving

May 25, 2011

By Katrice

{Thirty-eight titles, every stack is a different magazine.}

I have been preparing to move for the past two weeks and today was the big day. Moving has taken over my life; Hence, my choppy blogging schedule. However, the process is drawing to a close and I'm having one long moment of hindsight clarity. Mostly because I'm so tired of boxes that my mind won't stop looping a mental picture of what I have and what else I can give away. But, I'm positive this feeling will pass as soon as everything is unpacked. {Sigh} So that this learning experience of excess won't be in vain, however, I've made note of several useful tidbits. 

1. Hold off on getting a manicure until all packing and moving is complete. {Wish I had considered this last week.}

2. When you buy a new item of clothing that has buttons, throw away the extra button(s) provided IM-MEDIATELY. Otherwise, you will wind up with a load of buttons that you can't even begin to match with what's in your closet.

3. On sentimental value: If you're tempted to throw something away, it doesn't have sentimental value. Throw it away.

4. Cabinet full of hair products that don't work for you? If they're from Sally's Beauty Supply, they'll take them back with or without a receipt if the product is still in their inventory and still has the tag on it. {And isn't almost empty.}

5. When you get rid of a new cell phone, (like those buttons) get rid of your old one. {I could literally open a Sprint store in my living room.}

6. You'll still need to consume fruits and vegetables throughout the hectic process. Trust, your body will turn on you after one too many days of McDonald's.

7. Be sure your utility providers have the correct shut off date. I almost ended the call with a cable rep. without her asking for the date I wanted to end service. {Whew! I need my internet all the way up until I turn my keys in.}

8. You can now do a change of address form online with the USPS for just $1. #Winning

9. The Dollar Tree is generous with boxes all day. Walmart -- after 11:30 p.m. in the furniture section. {Thank me later.}

{My intentions were to recycle these, but they wound up in my office.}
10. I stand corrected. It is possible to have too many handbags, magazines and shoes. Unless, you're Imelda Marcos and can afford someone to keep track of your wares and move them when the time comes, it may be time to downsize. {Trying to convince myself here.}

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  1. Congrats on the move girl! Your magazine stack looks like mine, ridiculous! Hope you love your new digs


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