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May 03, 2020

In the beginning of our sheltering in place, I threw on leggings and tank tops or a jogging suit almost every day because I was so spent mentally that I couldn't muster the extra effort of real clothes. I did get dressed on Sunday for virtual service. But, other than that, it was whatever was comfortable to telework in and then keep on to exercise each day when the work day was over. After just about two weeks, I got dressed one morning for a staff video call and felt a bit energized by it. I realized that getting myself together each day was part of the normalcy of life outside of the pandemic that I missed. So, that was that. Spring and summer are my favorite times of the year and I live for flowy, gauzy fabrics. More than half my closet is dedicated to the warm weather months and what's even more me is the fact that I love the entire notion of enjoying what I have despite the occasion not being one that's necessarily special. I'm one who wears perfume and jewelry every day ... every day. If I was moving about freely in the world right now, I would be wearing lots of skirts and kimonos, and tank tops ... I'd have my hair wrapped in vibrant and exotic patterned scarves or tucked under a wide-brimmed hat. Though I won't be jumping back to normal out in these streets, I am very much enjoying regaining a small piece of what feels regular in the most lovely way.

What I'm wearing to lounge ...
Kaftans (galore)
Elaborate sunnies (because I'm spending so much time outside)
Biker shorts 

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