Mix It Up

October 23, 2017

I was talking with a friend recently who was wearing an immaculately coordinated monochromatic look and told her how good she looked. She responded, "often when I'm getting dressed, I ask myself 'what would Katrice do?'" It was such a wonderful and sweet compliment. And that got me to thinking about how I would describe my approach to style ... 

Three quick tips I'd say determine my look just about every day: 
1. Take a risk (grab something a little unexpected). 
2. Turn around and thoroughly study what you look like from behind in the mirror (that back view can make or break a look). 
3. Have fun (my clothes make me feel a way. If I love the way something made me feel a certain day, I may replay it within days).

- xMVL

photo by Mecca Gamble

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