Happy Nude Year {Nude Lips, That Is}

January 10, 2014

By Katrice

Happy New Year! I wasn't particularly planning for this to be my first post of the 2014 but why not kick off the year with my first spectacular find of the year. First, a disclaimer: I love Sephora. Now, that that's out there, I was in the store today, not to shop. Ever so often, I go in and hover around the Marc Jacobs Beauty section. Today, I was waiting to pick up my shoes from another shop, so I thought I'd just waste a few minutes. Let me just say, good customer service will cause you to buy up an entire store. I didn't do that, but my one purchase made me so happy that I felt like I had. I've been wanting to try MJ's LoveMarc Strange Majic Lip Gel since it was introduced and so I did finally with the assistance of a great Sephora rep. Beautiful color but not what I wanted for me. From there, she took me around testing a wide variety of pale pink nudes ... too many to even remember all of the shades {it's why I love Sephora}. And just when we'd moved on to talking about other products, and I'd actually given up on finding my "perfect pale nude," for the time being, we passed the Bare Minerals display. I honestly would never have even stopped there to try anything from the brand and I'm not sure why. But, alas, Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Be Free ... my pale pink nude. 

I love it! Cost: $18. And worth every cent. What's your favorite nude lip color?

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