Keep Going

October 22, 2013

I find inspiration everywhere; I'm always seeking it. This morning when I clicked on to the Washington Post and saw this headline, I immediately smiled. Not only did I smile, I was heartily encouraged. George Horner, a 90-year-old pianist will make his orchestral debut with renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma tonight at Boston’s Symphony Hall, playing music composed 70 years ago at the Nazi prison camp where Horner was incarcerated. 

Disclaimer: I am completely fascinated with World War II history, so just about any writing about it catches my attention. But, this story is different because there is a resounding theme here ... Something I've found myself repeating to myself, friends and even people I encounter in passing for the past year. I read the first few lines of Horner's narrative and in my mind thought, "don't give up. Keep going." It has become my mantra. No, I'm not in dire straights in terms of being on the street with nowhere to turn, but life's tests present along a continuum. I'm in a growing phase, as are many of you. There are things I'm on the brink of immediately and then there are the long-term pursuits, many of which will be completely dependent on my "becoming." 

Though I do not always like a challenge, I welcome it. And in my life, I haven't spent a moment of suffering anything close to Mr. Horner's ... But, I have been weary. In these moments, God has always sent a message that I can make it to my expected end. 

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