Reach, It's In There

March 14, 2013

By Katrice

One of the things I've learned, probably the most profound realization I've come to, since I've been blogging is to protect my voice. I have to actively build it up and strengthen it, and be sure it's what guides me instead of what I hear and observe around me. It's not hard to lose you in all the fray. Every single person born comes into the world with a gift from God that was seeded in them for the world's betterment and so many of those gifts are never offered up; Some because they never actualize and others because we manipulate them into something else and take away their power. I sometimes can't even read other blogs or magazines because I start to second-guess and beat down my own voice and what organically comes from me to offer. And I used to feel bad about it ... as if I wasn't being supportive {which was not the case}. I will do anything to protect what I have to give. It's nothing personal; just self-preservation for my gift's sake.

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  1. This really encouraged me! I definitely have had moments when I second guessed myself in comparison to others in many areas of my life, but thank God He's renewed my mind and thoughts.

    Love this!

    Be Blessed

  2. Well said! I did a 180 from last year after temporarily losing my voice by listening to too many other voices ( "mentors", other bloggers that I followed/stalked :-) etc. ) What I had to learn was that no one knows the plan for me, but God. He speaks to me and may confirm the plans through others. No peace about it? Keep it moving. :-) It feels great to be back on course. I'm loving what I do again! :-)

  3. I needed to read this today! Total inspiration......


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