30 Days of Truth | Day 30

June 08, 2012

By Katrice

A letter to yourself, tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself.

Dear Katrice,

I guess I'll start this letter off with the one profound thing that has become increasingly apparent over the past few years ... the thing that I believe has begun to be a rousing theme in your life and that it is your courage. Before 2006, I would never have described you as courageous ... though I know it was always something you desired to embody. To that point, I am so proud of you for not shying away from these 30 Days of Truth. It has been 30 days of freeing yourself, which is sometimes scary. I love that you are committed to reconciling to the bottom lines of your life and that you used this challenge to face some realities head on. 

I love your natural hair. 

I love your desire to be of service to others and how that has threaded every facet of your life together. I love that you love hard, despite past hurts and are able to let go of things that could otherwise weigh you down. I love that you are forgiving and unselfish. I love your humility and willingness to acknowledge God as the center of everything you are, possess and all that you do. 

I love your mind. 

I love that you plan and work ... even planning and working out your life, leaving very little to chance. 

I love your zest for life and striving for better all the time — from knowledge to style and experiencing the world. I love that you're an avid dreamer and hold fast to dreams until they have been realized. And with that, that you believe there are few, if any, limits on what you can do and have.

I love that you have chosen to be happy and have taken your happiness on as a guiding factor in the decisions you make about both the present and the future. I love that you have chosen to ever be better. I love that you have chosen resilience. I love that you have chosen to live a set apart life and the narrow path. I love that you have chosen to be free. I love that you revere the power of choice. I love that you revere the power of God. 

I love that you love life.

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  1. Aww, what a beautiful letter Katrice!! Yay for completing the 30 days!

  2. Beautiful ... thank you for sharing yourself so openly.


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