Elements of Change

December 26, 2011

By Katrice

I'm looking forward to beginning the new year with some updates to my office decor from a two of my favorite stores -- IKEA and Apple. Here's a sneak peek.

ÅRYD Block candle holder, $9.99 | STRÄNGNÄS Candle holder, $1.99 | KVILL Frames, $4.99 each |  AGNARYD Rose picture, $7.99 | DEKAD Clock, $5.99 |  SMYCKA Artificial flower, $.99 | LAMPAN Table lamp, $4.99 | Apple iPad keyboard, $69

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  1. Loving the picture frames. I need to go to Ikea this weekend and get a couple things for my home. Look at couch covers and such.

  2. Omg there is just so much loveliness in this post! I want the frames, clock, lamp...all of it, lol.

  3. I went to my office today and started putting things together. I'm in love with it!


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