V-Day at H&M {Rules Apply}

November 15, 2011

By Katrice

I couldn't resist another Versace for H&M post as I feel like I'm living vicariously through all the shoppers preparing for V-Day at H&M -- Nov. 19th. 

I read this morning, in ELLE UK, that the retailer has issued a set of shopping guidelines as with previous designer launches in its stores. According the article, the first 280 people in each store will receive color-coded wristbands and be split into groups of 20. These groups will receive 10 minutes to shop, in order of arrival. Most importantly, H&M also intends to limit the number of items each shopper is permitted to purchase -- specifically, one of each garment or accessory. The limit signals the brand's intent to minimize resales via eBay. The one-piece-per-customer restriction will also apply online. H&M will offer the line globally on Nov. 17th and in the U.S. stores on Nov. 19th.

Are you planning to weather the frenzy on Saturday? If so, what pieces are you looking to nab?

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  1. I'm really considering camping out on the lot for a few of their jewelry pieces



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