MVL Salutes Black Girls

November 06, 2011

By Katrice 

The work of speaking life to black women and girls is one that is dear to my heart. Once a year we are fortunate to witness the Black Girls Rock movement as it is televised and for a few hours everything shown and spoken is in tribute to us. And so, I want to take just a moment on my own personal forum to say -- black women and girls ... I see you and I salute you every single day of the year. Because black girls do rock. We always have.  

{A designer you should know, Chloe of Vitamin C Clothing}

{She just walked up to me at an event and started talking as if we knew each other. #Love}

{The best wingwoman anyone could ever ask for ... my associate editor Kamille}

{The very gracious Rachel Roy}

{I took this photo on Mother's Day. I didn't know her but I was captivated.}

{She was so chic that I stopped her to snap this pic.}

{Another sister that I stopped for her style ... the hair.}

{You can never have too many sisterfriends holding you up.}

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  1. You rock too. I really hope that this show plants a seed into black womens hearts. Its as if we watch the show and laugh cry and celebrate together for two hours then its back to back stabbing. I wish we would actually support each other. Go to each others events, businesses and classes. Are money and time should be spent on uplifting each other not ripping each other apart. I wish they had a local chapter so we can truly see progression for one another happen.

  2. I'm very interested in how the organization can further engage us in between the shows. Most times, if you can inspire people in service, the money will follow.

  3. Your last statement is so true! Great post.

  4. Your blog rocks. I'm glad I found you. Very inspirational and super cool photos.

  5. Thank you so much Bajan Beauty and Dr. Reginia!


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