Inspiration Found: The Totes Have It

October 29, 2011

By Katrice 
Yves St. Laurent Large East/West Bag | $1,645

Ruthie Davis Dr. Spike II Bag | $2,505

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  1. Celine & YSL need to come home with me ... like yesterday

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I have been drooling over an Alexander Wang bag forever now. Great selection.

  3. I love them all! Too bad I cannot afford not one bag. Maybe I can have a fundraiser. :)
    S Nicole

  4. I'll be able to afford all of these one day! Adore the YSL and Alexander Wang.

  5. Although out of my price range, all of these bags are HOT! I really love the YSL bags and Celine tote. They would great on my arm.


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