G by Guess Lattie ... Stylin' or Stuntin'?

June 06, 2011

By Katrice 

I snatched these G by Guess Lattie sandals up at TJ Maxx for $24.99. I was searching for them in the bone-colored leather, but could only find black. What do you think? Stylin' or stuntin'?

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  1. Stylin' ~ very sexy!

  2. UHHH definitely hands up styling for $24.99! Any pair of shoes under $30 (especially name brand) is a deal!!

    P.S. I am more and more becoming a Maxxinista! Love their deals on clothes

  3. I have these in grey. I love them. They are so comfortable. Stylin' definitely!

  4. Very Nice! i want those shoes!


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