Fab Find: Velvet Hangers

March 04, 2010

Want to maximize the space in your closet and keep your clothes hanging securely? Then, you'll love velvet hangers. 

Ultraslim velvet-covered hangers in an array of colors from mint green to black, cream, tan and pink can be purchased at just about any store that sales closet storage accessories. TJMaxx and Marshall's sell them in bundles of 6 for around $4.99 and as many as 16 for $20 or so. You can even get Martha Stewart's at Macy's -- 6 for $9.99 or Costco brand -- 50 for $15. Costco would be ideal if you have a membership. 

If you don't, the Dollar Tree officially qualified itself as my fab find of this week. I stumbled upon the 2-hanger packs for, of course, $1 and stocked up for next to nothing today.

I'm excited to start reorganizing my closet and having a lot more space. 
Wishful thinking, I'm sure. 

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  1. I love them too! My co-worker bought me a few packs from Costcos!

  2. Great idea! More hair and fashion (must haves, recently purchased ... wardrobe ideas) posts please, please, please :-).


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