Café Au-Lait

March 07, 2010

By Katrice

Sometimes you want to get out of the house to enjoy the beautiful weather, but don't have anything in particular in mind to do or just simply want to take in the day. If you're ever in the Roswell area and find yourself in such a mood, drop in to Café Au-Lait. The café-esque coffee shop sits unassumingly in a quiet corner with plenty of parking and umbrella-covered seating out front. Inside, a spacious dining area of high boys and large comfy leather chairs make for quite a tranquil atmosphere -- perfect for reading or even working. Teas, coffees, cappuccinos and blended drinks (my favorite, the white chocolate mocha blended ice coffee) are the specialty. The best part, however, is the fare -- aside from a mouth-watering assemblage of pastries and sandwiches, think: breakfast any time of the day. Mmmmmmm

Take your pick of Tazo tea flavors

I'm always torn between the huge leather chairs and the high tops near the windows.

~Blended white chocolate mocha ice coffee~

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