July 20, 2022

Every season serves a purpose.

This period in my life feels completely upended. Nothing is going wrong, per se. But everything is in flux. My body is changing … 48, is on the horizon. Lol Friendships seem to ever be evolving … again. I am learning that to be a healthy and normal signal that we are all growing. (I looooove my friends.) My tastes have completely shifted. My expectations have mellowed. But, above all, I have found my faith to be sturdied. I’m so thankful for that. Since my sister Tonya died last September, God has changed me. My mom always says God doesn’t waste time doing just one thing at a time. When I tell you that God took me apart, piece by piece. It was a hard HARD moment but he used that stretch to transform me. What my sister always said to me when I’d go to her with a problem was, “you’ve got this. You’re more than capable.” Back then, it was sometimes frustrating. But today, I take those words to heart. Some days, I feel like I have no footing but also am as sure-footed as I’ve ever been. That’s all God. And that’s all I’ve really ever wanted.

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