EVENT: Writing Space

June 27, 2018

Next week I'll be conducting my first writer's workshop - Writing Space - hosted by Minniways Productions and Intimately Opulent Events on July 7, 2018. This is an exciting endeavor for me because it has been a long time coming. I've hosted many events and had one-on-ones with people who read my blog or that I've met via social media over the past nine years, and it has been extremely rewarding. This event, however, is even more special to me because though I'll be talking about honing one's writing skills to enhance creative ventures, I'll also be talking about this work that was the portal to my dreams. Whenever anyone has asked me what I believed to be my gifts, writing is always the first thing out of my mouth because I truly believe that it is what God gave me to bless others and what he has used, in so many many ways, to bless me. 

If you're a budding writer, a self-conscious writer or a writer who needs to break through a block, you don't want to miss this workshop. I'll talk a bit about my career as a journalist and my passion for writing but I'll also be answering your questions about what it takes to go to your next level. See you there.


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