Wrinkles & All

July 06, 2017

I nearly took today off to re-calibrate. Yesterday left me a bit disenchanted. But, I've been reading about bouncing back quickly and when you actually should take a step back. Also, I realized just recently that it's normal to be at an impasse where you are having to make major adjustments in your habits, thoughts and relationships; and that it will happen several times throughout your life if you're growing. All that said, what I really needed was a good workout last night and some time to think about context, perspective and discipline. These things are very much the difference, many times, between what we'd determine a good day and a bad one.

So, I got up this morning and came into the office. My associate editor took these photos of me today that capture every bit of my personality. I love them, even the blurry ones, because they show how animated I am [wrinkles in this soft fabric and all] ... even when just talking about mocking birds ... which I was giving a full dissertation on at the time.

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