On the Road to Greater

October 11, 2016

Today was a good day. I had the incredibly humbling honor of being recognized as one of Atlanta's 100 Women of Influence by the Atlanta Business League  an organization that fosters the development and enrichment of successful African-American-owned enterprises. I don't own a business (yet) but Atlanta Tribune: The Magazine, for which I serve as editor in chief, is a longtime member of the League and has enjoyed a fruitful relationship for many years. I have actually admired the women who've made this list each year for my entire career in Atlanta and hoped to one day be considered. But, I was completely surprised when the time came this year; thinking to myself: when you think nothing is happening, something is happening. I've been talking about the road to #greater on my social media channels for the past two years, and I accepted this as a nod from God that the work I consider a quiet contribution to the betterment of my community is relevant. I'm always trying to hide in the background though the message that I hope to share with the people around me often pulls me out of the crowd, and I'm reminded that your gift is the reason you were born. And because I said yes to it a long time ago, it won't be ignored ... Not even by me.

- xMVL

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