May 18, 2016

I'm back.

I haven't blogged in so long that I should be embarrassed ... I am not. (LOL) Even at this very moment, my to-do list is enough to make me want to close my laptop, get in bed and pull the covers over my head. But, the things that have kept me away from blogging are so good. So, I'd be foolish to complain. 

While I was on vacation in December, I created a list of things I'd been wanting to do but putting off. I spent a couple of weeks working on strategies and initiating some new pursuits  from plans for more traveling and writing about my treks as a serious hobbyist to some other big projects that I'll be able to share in the near future. Life is hectic, but I realize more each day that this is the exact life I've always wanted to live and am constantly reminding myself that when you pray for your dreams  you don't know how they're coming. 

In January, I got away to the Bahamas for the first time. It was just three days but it was amazingly restful. It was quiet. The solace, drifting naps and food were good for my soul. I was completely re-energized and clear in my mind at the conclusion of my time away. Warm air and sand are like magic for me because in those 72 hours filled with quiet moments of considering and considering, I was able to come back to myself. So often, the increasing chatter that stimulates us from 24 hour news cycles to social media causes us to be more externally focused than we are on what is happening with us internally. If you ever wonder how much your environment (figuratively and literally) is affecting you, just take stock of your most recent goals or dreams ... I assure you, you'll be able to pinpoint some that have come from outside of you. Those are probably not yours. 

In my considering, I settled myself on the fact that my life has been evolving and so my priorities had to evolve as well. That alone increased me.

And so more often, I'm just allowing myself moments to consider. 
- xMVL

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  1. Katrice!!!!

    I'm so glad you are back to blogging. I missed your posts (Even tho I keep up with you on IG and Twitter LOL). Can't wait to read more :)

  2. This post just blessed me. "Welcome Back"!


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