{MVL Radar} Cherry Picking

April 29, 2014

By Katrice

The red lip frenzy is real. It seems no matter how many perfect crimson lipsticks a woman finds, there's always another one waiting in the wings. Could be an expensive problem if not for brands like Wet n Wild  that offer worthy options; my most recent find, three weeks ago — MEGA LAST Lip Color - Cherry Picking — a brilliant raspberry-tinged siren hue is in rotation right now. 

I'm actually on a roll with the MEGA LAST lip colors — I've purchased seven shades so far and like all of them . Usually $1.99 at most drugstores, Wet n Wild MEGA LAST is on sale at Walgreens right now for $.99 {just in case you have some colors you'd like to stock up on}. 

What are your favorite affordable lip color options?

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