MVL's K. Logan Hair Makeover

May 22, 2013

By Katrice

I was excited to receive an invite from K. Logan Hair to drop in and have my fro done in a  "Kute with K. Logan Hair" makeover. Can you imagine that email!? Ahhh, the thought of not washing and detangling for a week or two. Yes, please. The Atlanta salon owned by Akia Logan {Kia for short} reached out to me a few months back and it was a wonderful opportunity that we almost couldn't coordinate because of my schedule. But, thankfully it worked out. If you're here often, you know I tend to be pretty basic with my kinky coif. It's either in an afro, twist out or puff for the most part. Two things: I'm not very creative with my hair and ... I'm not very creative with my hair. I think that about sums it up. I always admire intricate styles on other women with naturals and have decided many of such styles require a super power that I do not possess.  

The Havana Twists I did a little more than a month ago were a phenomenon.

Nevertheless, Kia is actually well able to do any and all types of hair and styling — her specialty being customized hair pieces for both women and men. I checked out some photos of her clients and asked a lot of questions before the appointment was set. {I'm always worried that my hair will be overwhelming for anyone else.} And I chose a braided style as I have never straightened my hair since being natural and was thinking that any type of weaving would require that. 

My inspiration was a photo of friend to MVL, D'Andra. I saw it on IG and immediately took a screen shot for a future style. So, I was prepared and the timing couldn't have been more perfect as I was heading to Jamaica two days after having it done. The perfect sun and fun 'do. 

I actually had quite a bit of hair added to make my twist bun in the front more bouffant, and Kia twisted the braids from back to front to spice up the style. It was also so manageable that I could adjust the bun's positioning a bit myself for a change of style every couple of days. Perfect.

Thanks K. Logan!

K. Logan Hair
1610 Lavista Road, Suite #4
Atlanta, GA 30329

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  1. Your hair is GORGEOUS!! I mean KUTE!!! :-)

  2. She did EXCELLENT work and you ROCKED it.

  3. It looked lovely!! Are you going to get havana twist again>

    1. Thank you. I think my arms are rested now enough to do them again. lol I may do them again some time this summer.

  4. Your hair looks amazing! Definitely a nice updo for the summer months. I may have to give this a try.

    1. Yes, it was perfect for traveling. I don't do much protective styling, but I loved this style.


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