Finally, The Blackberry Z10

April 02, 2013

By Katrice

When it was time to renew my phone contract almost two years ago, I went to several different stores looking for a Blackberry upgrade. The only thing available to me was the Curve I already had; I wanted something newer and fresher, and there were no options. So, I switched to an iPhone ... begrudgingly. And for the first few months, had a new BB come out  I'd have gone back immediately. That was January 2012, and now finally 15 months later the Blackberry we'd been hearing so much chatter about has arrived. When I found out that this phone would be in my possession as a Verizon Ambassador, the word happy hardly does my reaction justice. I'm so excited to try it. 

I love listening to the radio on my phone while working so I'm excited to try the speaker that we received in the accessory kit. 

The design is ultra slim and the screen is large without making the size of the phone overwhelming, and it's even more modern than I expected. 

Though it seems that everything I use for both work and play is suddenly iOS, I told an MVL fan on Facebook today that it's funny how even being away from the Blackberry operating system all this time, as soon as I set it up and started looking over it's features, I fell right back into BB mode. Ahhhh yes!

More to come. 

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