The Android Life, My Photos & Instagram

February 19, 2013

By Katrice

So, I'm on my second Android platformed phone in the Verizon Ambassador program and everything is good. I've actually learned that I could prefer the Android plaform to iOS. It's fast and every app I need is available to me (something Apple would have us believe otherwise; I've never searched an app or type of app and not found it.). It's funny ... apps have become completely necessary in my life. I digress. 

The Droid Incredible by HTC was my first droid phone. I was surprised that it loosened my loyalty to my iPhone right off the bat. Now, I'm onto the Droid DNA and when it arrived I immediately looked for the usual tools I use all the time: Pageonce, The Weather Channel, Evernote, Instagram, Facebook, Neflix and TuneIn Radio. Perfect. That was all it took. Until I realized that I really use my mobile devices for entertainment more than business. I'm always working but outside of email, it's rarely via my phone. What I am doing is playing. Two words: Camera, instagram. 

I love snapping photos with my phone and I'm in that group of instagram fogies right now. So, I'm always on, but on my Droid it's no fun. The problem is the interfacing of the camera and the app. By itself, the camera is great. Because the screen is so large, it's actually fun to take pics and you get great results. When you try to post to instagram though  if you haven't taken the photo within the app  the cropping tool literally constrains the photo in a way that gives you too few options. Blah. 

This is a minimal con for all the pros to this phone, but it's enough to minimize my love just a bit.

Any tips?

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  1. It's fast and every app I need here is available to me (something Apple would have us believe otherwise;

  2. I can see why this article would offend some, but I did find it really funny. I do agree with some of the comments here about posting photos of family; buy instagram likes spread

  3. I have downloaded a few no crop apps for my Galaxy SII, but they just shrink the size of the entire pic so which I don't particularly like either. Android blues, lol.


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